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Hello! If you are a person who loves nature and you love to practice different types of sports. In this post, we recommend five ecological sports that will help you be healthier and have direct contact with an eco-friendly environment.

First of all, it is necessary for you to know that ecological sports are not a type of special disciplines , but rather sports practices that meet the following characteristics:

  1. That to practice them you do not need special equipment
  2. That polluting objects are not required for its realization

1.Running _

Probably one of the most ecological and beneficial sports that exist. Running outdoors doesn't require any equipment and you can do it anywhere, whether it's on the beach or in your neighborhood. You only need good shoes, motivation and physical resistance.

This is a sport that can be practiced by people of any age and it is very beneficial to start it at an early age to avoid heart conditions or osteoporosis in the future.

It is a hard but complete sport, in which you can meet a lot of people and feel in full contact with nature running through parks or forests.

2. Cycling

Cycling is considered one of the favorite sports for people committed to ecology. It allows us to lose ourselves in natural settings and experience our most natural side. It is the greenest means of transport to move through the forests or the city.

It can be practiced by people of any age. All you need is your bike and you can hit the road and start biking wherever you are. You can ride a bike in the city, or you can also go off-road.

If you want to make your cycling activity even greener, you can also buy eco-friendly bikes such as second-hand bamboo or steel models . Another ecological option is electric bicycles that are perfect for you to go further distances and leave your car at home when you travel around the city.

3. Paragliding

A sport practiced by most people when they visit the Costa Verde in countries with coastlines is paragliding.

The person who can walk without problems, and is in good health without cardiac complications can practice it. In Lima, for example, you can fly with experienced instructors in a place that offers spectacular views over the city, the Larcomar shopping center, the beach and the Pacific Ocean.

What you need is motivation and desire to fly. The minimum age to fly is 12 years old. Take off is very easy, and in minutes your feet will be floating above the ground to feel like a bird and appreciate the beauty of a clear sky! 

4. Skateboarding

This sport is aimed at the little ones in the house, although it is also practiced by young people and adults like me. Skateboarding has become quite green thanks to manufacturers who have created parks designed to reduce the amount of carbon emissions.

If we talk about the materials of the skateboards... Did you know that according to the Ministry of the Environment only in our capital and Callao, 886 tons of plastic waste are generated per day?

In our country you can find skates made of recycled materials, which are a great alternative to conventional ones made of wood. And you can contribute so that trees are no longer felled.

It is a sport similar to cycling and you can move around the city leaving aside the use of public transport.

5. Hiking

With low physical impact, it allows you to relax and reflect while doing it. Hiking is ecological as long as you do not throw garbage into nature , you can save it to later vote it in the right places or, best of all, avoid taking it with you!

The views of nature such as trees, birds, help to clear the mind of daily chores. It is an activity that can be practiced by both adults and young people. You only need comfortable clothes, good shoes and enough water.

Killa Live Green Tips:

  • Acquire accessories made with clean, respectful and biodegradable materials.

  • Take care and respect the environment where you exercise. 

  • Avoid the car to get to your practice

  • Use quality, reusable water bottles and containers

  • Go to sustainable sports facilities

  • Wiping away sweat responsibly, a cotton towel is a great alternative to wet wipes and paper towels.

  • Use high-quality eco-masks like ours and if you are doing sports, a special eco-mask for running, like a scarf to avoid colds and take care of your health.

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My name is Anthony Dominguez, and I was very happy to share and guide you in this post. Be encouraged to start or continue practicing green sports!

And you, do you recommend another type of sport that you consider green?

Leave us your comments below.


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    ¡Me encantaron las ideas! Me anima a practicar más senderismo, era un deporte que todavía no me atrevía hacer a grandes distancias, pero tienen mucha razón :)

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