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“Ancestral Love” PLANET LOVE Campaign with Pepsi and NATGEO

This past May, June and July we participated in the incredible and beautiful project "Planet Love" together with KHANA, a social enterprise that works with talented artisans from AAHH in Lima in vulnerable areas. This social campaign was organized by PepsiCo and National Geographic, in which we worked hand in hand with 2 native families from the Cantagallo Community, which is a community of Shipibo Konibo origin, made up of migrant families from Ucayali and surrounding areas. This project included the design and development of more than 5,000 units of hand-embroidered Tottebags by Khana artisans with recycled threads from plastic filaments from Pepsi bottles and the Killa artisans made the Tottebags based on 100% natural inputs and textiles and made...

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