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Our First Catwalk in Urubamba, Cusco!

This Sunday May 22 from 4pm we are waiting for you at Calle Los Geranios, APV El Bosque, Zona Ahuanmarka in Urubamba , Cusco to witness our first sustainable clothing catwalk Collection " Amazonía Nocturna " This event is organized by the Municipality of Urubamba and the new Tasha Tendencia Natural Sewing School, together with Killa Vive Verde. Free entrance! and you will be able to access an incredible experience of immersion in Sustainable Clothing, together with 15 beautiful models from Cusco, We will wait for you!

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In the Blog | Green sports how to start?

Hello! If you are a person who loves nature and you love to practice different types of sports. In this post, we recommend five ecological sports that will help you be healthier and have direct contact with an eco-friendly environment. First of all, it is necessary for you to know that ecological sports are not a type of special disciplines , but rather sports practices that meet the following characteristics: That to practice them you do not need special equipment That polluting objects are not required for its realization 1.Running _ Probably one of the most ecological and beneficial sports that exist. Running outdoors doesn't require any equipment and you can do it anywhere, whether it's on the beach or...

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In the Blog | Helpeee: My family and my green lifestyle!

Hello, my name is Yazmin! I am a social manager in progress, climate activist in training, collaborator of Killa Vive Verde, I like books, plants and my favorite flower is the sunflower. Also, I have four-legged daughters, chickens that give me free-range eggs every day, newborn chicks, a green jungle on my roof, and anyway, I am a nature lover and protector of animals :) So we'll get to know each other dearest (or) reader (or). Today I want to tell you about my green beginnings at home with this first statement: “Getting into a green lifestyle is easier than staying in it” This phrase of mine was born from my need to seek the understanding and support of my...

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In the Blog | recycle correctly

Recycling is one element of sustainability that we can all embrace, no matter who you are or where you live. Recycling reduces landfills, creates a domestic source of materials, and limits the environmental impact of collecting and manufacturing raw materials. What more could you want!

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