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Know us

A pleasure! We are Killa Vive Verde,

Our story begins with the passion to do something for the sustainability of our jungles, our rivers, lakes and planet accompanied by the incredible work of artists and native women of our country. It all started by creating ecological products that worked for us and helped us leave plastics as sisters. At the beginning we did not know that we were beginning to move such a strong river of green consciousness, but we did know that we wanted to be light and salt in the midst of so much social indifference for the planet. Our products are made with a lot of love, creativity and local talent in every detail and will help you start and strengthen your greener lifestyle and love towards nature.

We created Killa Vive Verde:

1) Because we want to help, surprise and excite

2) Because we believe that every conscious local act has an immeasurable global impact

3) Because we want you to create a little jungle in all your daily habits and you can live better in a greener way!

4) Because we believe that it is possible to create innovative solutions, through shared value with native communities in a fair way in the market

5) Because we are just beginning and there is still much more to do for the planet!

From the entire Killa Vive Verde team,

Mirna, Juana, Cecilia, Maria, Karina and Pedro (from left to right)
Xiomara Ibarra, Araceli Luna and Lesly Luna