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In the Blog | Helpeee: My family and my green lifestyle!

Hello, my name is Yazmin!

I am a social manager in progress, climate activist in training, collaborator of Killa Vive Verde, I like books, plants and my favorite flower is the sunflower.

Also, I have four-legged daughters, chickens that give me free-range eggs every day, newborn chicks, a green jungle on my roof, and anyway, I am a nature lover and protector of animals :) So we'll get to know each other dearest (or) reader (or). Today I want to tell you about my green beginnings at home with this first statement:

“Getting into a green lifestyle is easier than staying in it”

This phrase of mine was born from my need to seek the understanding and support of my family, especially my parents, to be able to comply with my eco-friendly and environmentally conscious habits in my home, but, for various reasons, I encountered many obstacles to stay in this green lifestyle.

I know that many of us start with small actions that mean a lot to the planet, for example, the first time when one decides to use a tomato to take it everywhere and thus avoid buying bottles of water or taking cloth bags to the market. to buy your fruits and vegetables, and thus avoid receiving plastic bags. These actions in your daily life, despite being small for you, can generate a great positive impact on the planet, but imagine if you manage to incorporate more small actions like this during the day! It can add up a lot, I assure you!

So far we are doing well and everything looks green, but...

What happens when the other people around you, such as your family, did not decide to start this lifestyle change with you?

It happens that our parents (mainly) are used to following a simple and practical routine of buying and discarding at the same time. From my personal experience, it has never been easy to make my parents understand that we are responsible for what is happening to the planet today, but I consider that reaching this new lifestyle is a process that requires

Time, patience and, above all, perseverance...

During this process, we as children have the task of educating our parents about the environment and guiding them in their process to make them always remember that their small actions can have big impacts on the planet.

For this reason, now I am going to share with you some advice that may help you on this path of learning and conscious living with your family members.

  • First: Start by placing written notes in strategic places within the home such as switches, the pipe, in the spaces where you place your eco-bricks, compost and your recycled waste such as plastic and glass bottles, cardboard, etc. These notes will depend on the message you want to convey to them, so try to write as short and to the point as possible.
  • Second: Offer to accompany your mom or dad when shopping for the market (depending on the person in charge of making the weekly or monthly purchases) to be able to guide them when placing the fruits and/or vegetables in the cloth bags. I remember many times that before I offered to buy myself in the market, but then I understood that the correct way to educate them environmentally is to be present in places where they often receive plastic bags in their daily purchases.
  • Third: Start by buying ecological products for the home, perhaps starting with small things such as bamboo brushes, vegetable sponges, vegetable milk filters, ecological dishwashers and many other options in which you can involve your family in their green daily routine.

I hope these #Killatips can help you, so I encourage you to accompany your family in these green beginnings at home, because it will be gratifying to know the result of all your efforts to teach them about this lifestyle. Remember that these small actions will make big changes for the planet.

See you in the next blog!

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  • Alessandra

    Me ha pasado también :(, gracias por los consejos para aprender a convivir ¡y no desanimarme en este nuevo estilo de vida!

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