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Our collaborators

A frequently asked question that we love to answer is who is behind our eco-products?

Each of our eco-products are designed by the Killa Vive Verde design and innovation team in Peru; and they are made and painted by hand mainly by the women of the Shipibo Konibo community of the Central Selva, the Shawan Rama community and also by the women of the Shipibo Konibo community of Cantagallo in Lima.

Where we make our products depends on what the product is, where the raw materials come from, and who has the machinery to make it. In its entirety it is always made by Peruvian women.

When we started Killa Vive Verde, we wanted to only produce in the Jungle.

Our first product was the functional and jute eco-bags. Then we did an exhaustive nationwide search for suppliers of this material so that they can provide us with the material.

Unfortunately, despite having a wide variety of ecological textiles in our country, we could not locate partners in the manufacture of this material locally. For this reason, we decided not to produce with this material from then on, but to focus on the 100% national variety of ecological and local textiles.

As with the material, our team is very careful to use 100% national inputs and as much as possible from the same community in the Central Jungle. An example of this are the local seeds that are used on the edges of the great variety of our eco-bags and eco-meshes.

Finally, we tell you that our way of dyeing our products is mainly through ancestral natural dyeing techniques based on local plants such as matico, walnut, eucalyptus, turmeric, among others. Always trying to support the most knowledgeable local breeders in the community and developing new suppliers in order to form new partnerships and long term alliances.

"It's the little things that make a big difference and you can trust that when you buy one of Killa Vive Verde's products, you contribute to the effort to maximize the positive impact on our beautiful jungle"

-Araceli Luna, co-founder

Our goal is to operate as ethically as possible and deliver products to our customers at a cost that is not prohibitive.

We believe the most impactful thing consumers can do is buy less, and when they do buy things that last LONG!

This is our best hope to contribute to a great positive result for our precious planet and every corner of our jungle.