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Volunteer Program - Saving Yacu

Interested in volunteering at the Central Selva Center? Killa Vive Verde's Saving Yacu Volunteer Program is an exciting opportunity for volunteers to learn about life in native communities and gain hands-on experience on sustainability while being hosted by native families from the Shawan Rama Community in the San Ramón district in the Central Selva, Chanchamayo and the Yanesha Community of Lomalinda, Pasco.

Important points:

  • Program will be held on May 18, 19, 20 and 21, 2023
  • S/.390 for the 3 and a half days
  • Includes stay, breakfast for 3 days and dinner on the first day, pick up from Villa Rica, orientation and accompaniment 24/7
  • Help us develop our educational intervention with native schoolchildren
  • Learn Basic Yanesha
  • Learn gathering and harvesting with the native settlers
  • Participate in the annual community celebration: includes grasshoppers, typical dances, temporary tattoo with native dyes, among others
  • Discover the beauty of the Central Jungle
  • Experience life in the central jungle with a local family


Tentative volunteer itinerary

Due to the varied nature of this intervention, volunteer activities may not follow a 100% stable schedule. Work schedules and daily routines will depend on the individual location and the host family. The planned itinerary is as follows.

Main volunteer days - May 18:


05:00: Arrival to the Jungle

06:00 : Breakfast in San Ramón

07:00: Preparation for Workshop and Preparation of the Grasshopper

10:00: Workshop 1 with the schoolchildren together with the Professor

10:00 : Ecoplanners Artisan Workshop and Kené video processes

12:00: Painted with Wito to volunteers and participants


1:00 : Lunch with community

2:00 : Games and community workshop itself

6:00: Grasshopper and celebration

Main volunteer days - Friday, May 19:


06:00: We leave the community

07:00 : We finish having breakfast and leave Shawan Rama

09:30: Overnight in Villa Rica and departure to Lomalinda

12:30: Arrival in Lomalinda

Get ready and in volunteer houses and accommodation with lunch


3:00: Saving Yacu Ecoladrillos Workshop Part 2

3:00: Botanical Print Workshop Part 1

5:00: Community Volleyball Match

7:00: Projection of the Native Film 🎥

Main volunteer days - Saturday 20:


6:00 a.m. -07:00 a.m.: Swim in the river

07:00 am: Breakfast with families and getting ready

08:00 am: Botanical part with artisans 2 of the workshop

10:00 a.m. - 10:40 a.m.: Workshop on Family Economics

11:20 am - 12:20 am: Visit to secondary school


1:00 pm: Lunch with families and getting ready for departure

Collection of fruits in the farms:

family lunch

2:30 pm: Departure for Villa Rica from Lomalinda

5:00 pm: Departure for Villa Rica, coffee, feedback from the experience and free time to shop in the area, among others

9:00 pm: Bus departure to Lima

Details: Telephone and internet signal exists in the Shawan Rama community (Monday), but not in the Yanesha Community of Lomalinda (Sunday and Monday). Volunteers should consider this during their stay. A tent must be brought according to the taste of each participant. The tent will be accommodated inside the host house (2 volunteers or volunteers per selected native family).

Last day:

Volunteers have free time in the afternoon to relax in the community and explore as a young community in this populated center. If you wish, you can accompany your host family on that day, as it is a unique and special experience for many volunteers.